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Angling For Power Ferrea: Lighter Equals More Power!
As with most things in life, it's the details that make the difference. You might not think that a measly degree here or there could make more horsepower when it comes to a valve job, but there's power in those angles.

Engines use valves to control airflow for both the intake and exhaust systems. While sealing cylinder pressure is also important, performance-engine builders know that proper angles employed on a valve job can have a tremendous effect on airflow.
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Ferrea came out with Hollow Stem Lightweight Valves years ago revolutionizing the stainless steel valve market with a 22% lighter than your conventional stainless steel alloy valve. Made from exclusive Super Alloy materials, which they resist heat much better then conventional Inconel materials. Ferrea Hollow Stem Lightweight Valves are available in 7mm, 5/16, 11/32 and 3/8 stem diameters as well as semi finished blanks that we can machine for you application. Get the best in Valve technology today for your Race Engine!!!
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Guide to Performance Valves with Ferrea
High performance engines deserve a set of high performance valves, and because we’re in the business of squeezing the most performance possible out of any engine combination, valves are very much an important aspect to focus upon. And why not? There’s plenty of horsepower to be made from a good set of valves and a proper valve job. Everything from the material selection, the valve and stem sizes, and the back cuts play a significant role in mating valves to your engine that not only meet the needs of your specific application, but make the most of it with great flow that leads to increased horsepower and efficiency.
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